This is how players are scored in each game they play. If the league format has multiple maps in a match (such as ETF2L) then each map is scored independently.

Winning the game: + 3 points

Each round the game is won by: +2 points

Each kill: +1 point

Each Medic kill: +1 point

Kill by a medic: +2 points

Each 25 points of DPM: +1 point

Each death: -1 point

Popping uber: +2 points

Dropping uber: -3 points

Every 5 deaths of medic on your team (rounded down): -1 point

Top fragging: +2 points

Top damage: +2 points

Top KD: +2 points

Every 5 airshots (rounded down): +1 point

Capturing a point: +1 point